Talking Pet Next Words – Locations

3 recordable buttons with symbol stickers to place on top for easy identification, and expert instructions on how to teach location words from Christina Hunger

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Dogs have favorite places to visit, just like we do. The Talking Pet Locations Set teaches you how to pick location words both inside and outside of the house, and the best ways to teach your dog how to say them.. Location words are challenging for a dog to communicate strictly non-verbally. For example, does your dog standing by the door mean she wants to go into the yard, for a walk, on a car ride, to the park, or to doggie daycare? Location words help us understand our pets more than we ever thought possible.

Who this is for: The pet owner who already has introduced basic words and is ready to expand their pet’s vocabulary, the pet owner who wants to start off with a larger vocabulary, dogs who are beginning to combine words together, dogs who go out and about often

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