Next Level Bundle

Take your dog’s communication to the next level with 12 high-quality buttons, two durable mats, & instructions written by Christina, the creator of the Talking Dog Movement!

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The Next Level Bundle is the perfect if you are serious about teaching your pet to talk. It includes one (1) Essential Words, one (1) Next Words – Locations, one (1) Next Words Names, and two (2) Button Mats.

The Essential Words buttons come with symbols on top for easy identification, loud and clear sounding words audible throughout the house, and easy to follow instructions to help your dog learn each word. Make sure your dog always has their basic needs met, and set them up with a solid foundation for more communication growth later on with the Talking Pet Essential Words Set.

The Locations buttons will teach you how to pick location words both inside and outside of the house, and the best ways to teach your dog how to say them. Location words are challenging for a dog to communicate strictly non-verbally. For example, does your dog standing by the door mean she wants to go into the yard, for a walk, on a car ride, to the park, or to doggie daycare? Location words help us understand our pets more than we ever thought possible.

The Names buttons will teach you how to give your dog the power to talk about themselves and other special people and animals in their lives. Dogs form relationships with important people in their lives. Learn how to choose which names to program, and the best activities to promote your dog’s learning.

Our Button Mats were designed with you and your dog in mind. Keeping your buttons in consistent locations sets your dog up for their best success. The rubber bottom and canvas top keeps the mats from being damaged from chewing or clawing with sharp nails. The finger holes allow for easy button removal, and for the sound quality to remain loud and clear. Give your pets the best chance for communication success with the Talking Pet Button Mat.

Who this is for: The pet owner who is ready to start teaching their pet to talk and wants more structured guidance along the way. This makes a great gift for new puppy parents and dog owners who want to get started teaching their dog to talk!

We’re so grateful for your support as we continue to discover ways for all voices to be heard!

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